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Roosevelt Stamps: the Birth Of the Roosevelt Stamps

5 cent roosevelt stamp

Roosevelt Stamps: the Birth Of the Roosevelt Stamps

Franklin Roosevelt is one of the world’s most famous legends. Roosevelt, who was the President of the United States during World War II, made an indelible contribution to the world’s anti-fascist cause, and has become the only president in the history of the United States to be re-elected for four consecutive terms! In honor of the great man, the U.S. Post Office issued exclusive Roosevelt stamps in 1945. In this article, by reviewing the Roosevelt stamps, we will also discover what are legends Franklin Roosevelt, the world-famous US president, create?

Roosevelt stamps

On April 12, 1945, the legendary Roosevelt has left us forever, and the country has published exclusive Roosevelt stamps for him to commemorate his contribution to the United States in his life.

Roosevelt’s childhood ideals

Roosevelt was born in New York, USA in 1882. Due to the careful training of his parents, Roosevelt aspired to become a famous politician since an early age. In 1900, Roosevelt was admitted to a famous university in the United States to study political science. Roosevelt showed excellent social skills in college. He served as editor-in-chief of Harvard University’s school magazine. During his college days, Roosevelt paid great attention to his popularity and appeal. To increase his popularity, he invited his cousin Roosevelt, who was the governor of New York, to give a speech at Harvard University, helping him become a celebrity at Harvard University at that time.

Roosevelt’s lofty ambitions

In 1904, Roosevelt transferred to Columbia University to study law, during which he met and fell in love with Eleanor, and embarked on the marriage hall. It is worth mentioning that, at the wedding of Roosevelt and Eleanor, there was one thing that deeply stimulated Roosevelt and strengthened his lofty ideals in politics. It turned out that his wife Eleanor was the niece of the then US President Theodore Roosevelt, and he presided over the wedding in person. At the lively wedding, the groom Roosevelt discovered that most of the politicians and celebrities who came to his wedding were for the president, which further inspired his lofty ideals.

The beginning of Roosevelt’s career in American politics

In 1913, Roosevelt finally realized his ideal, and was appointed assistant secretary of the Navy by President Wilson, Roosevelt began to emerge in American politics. Roosevelt, in the position of Secretary of the Navy, constantly reminded himself that this was just the beginning and that he was still a long way from the position of president. As a result, Roosevelt did his due diligence in his work, achieved many outstanding achievements, and won praise in American political circles. Roosevelt became a dazzling new star in American politics at that time with his outstanding performance.

Roosevelt’s Perseverance

When Roosevelt was 39 years old, a sudden life changes left him with poliomyelitis, which sometimes required him to work in a wheelchair. But the harsh reality did not knock Roosevelt down. He insisted on training every day to keep himself as healthy and sunny as possible like a normal person. During Roosevelt’s campaign for President of the United States, he dragged his sick body to lobby among the continents of the United States and finally succeeded in running for the President of the United States. If you have a will, it will happen! Roosevelt eventually became the 32nd President of the United States in 1933 after years of hard work.

Roosevelt’s Political Measures and Political Minds

It was the Great Depression period the country when Roosevelt came to power, and the domestic situation was full of difficulties. After taking office, Roosevelt immediately showed his extraordinary leadership ability. He brought the American economy back to life through vigorous reform measures. His political measures saved the United States. In 1936, Roosevelt was re-elected as the second US president without any suspense. It was during this period that Roosevelt wrote the most legendary scene in his life! When World War II broke out in 1937, Roosevelt, with his extraordinary political acumen, believed that there would be a war in the United States. As a result, Roosevelt persuaded the US Congress to increase funding for naval defense construction. As Germany further expanded its war in Europe, Roosevelt ordered an increase in defense funding, and the United States began to prepare for all wars!

Roosevelt’s War Minds and Political Stance

On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and the war of World War II finally spread to the United States. Under the leadership of Roosevelt, the American people have been preparing for a rainy day after the outbreak of World War II, so they did not panic when facing the sudden war. The United States immediately declared war, and the Pacific War broke out! As a result, the United States has become the most important member of the world’s anti-fascist alliance! At the same time, Roosevelt showed his political acumen and leadership ability more perfectly to the people of the United States and the world during the entire anti-fascist process of World War II.

The curtain call of the legendary Roosevelt

In 1944, the Allies finally won the Second World War after an arduous and remarkable battle against the Fascists. Also in this year, Roosevelt created a legend in American history, he became the only president of the United States to serve four consecutive terms. Unfortunately, Roosevelt died in Georgia after serving only 73 days in his fourth term. In this way, Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to serve more than two terms and to break the precedent in Washington. On April 12, 1945, the legendary Roosevelt left us forever. Although he has left us, his spirit has always affected us, and he is still with us in the form of a US postage stamp. If you want one of his stamps, do you know how to get it?

Where Can I Buy Stamps

Roosevelt stamps are not only to commemorate Franklin Roosevelt, but also to inherit his spirit, perseverance, and never-give-up spirit so that future generations can comprehend and carry forward these spirits. If you want to buy it, you can go to the US Post Office to buy it. if you don’t want to buy it offline, then you can also buy it on the website or you can buy discount forever stamps for sale on The USPS Stamps. It is not only convenient but also guaranteed to be genuine, and it will give you some discounts so that you can have a better ticket-buying experience.

The Spirit of the Roosevelt Heritage

People have their ideals and lofty ambitions in childhood, but very few people can fight for their ideals. This is the greatness of Roosevelt, Roosevelt’s perseverance, and the greatness of never giving up. Ambition, worthy of our study and respect today! From a young age, I know that to achieve an ideal, it is necessary to work hard to realize it steps by step!

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